Technical Service Capability

Comprising of the following

  1. Silicone Adhesion studies, plasma treatment of surfaces
  2. Knife over roller coating on any flexible substrate
  3. Mixing with non-invasive Dual Asymmetric Centrifuging technology
  4. Silicone Pigmenting
  5. Silicone Compression moulding
  6. Silicone Spraying
  7. Silicone Dipping
  8. Viscosity
  9. Hardness
  10. Inhibition studies
  11. Spin coating
  12. Silicone Encapsulation of led Electronics etc. under vacuum
  13. Silicone ink using Tampo pad printing
  14. 2 roll mills for high molecular weight silicone compounds HCR’s
  15. Special bespoke packaging tailored to customers’ requirements.
  16. Silicone extrusions

For assistance with your technical service requirements

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